Covid restrictions at school


Griffin Hauser

This year we are all required to follow new rules and restrictions due to covid 19. The new variant of od Covid is known as the Delta variant is more dangerous and spreads more easily, new restrictions have been put in place to keep students and staff safe and healthy.

New rules like staggering lunchtimes and keeping people spaced out while eating is put in place to stop the spread of diseases while our masks are off. Every other seat in the cafeteria has been made off-limits to keep students spread out. Most students are not happy about the change, they are not able to see their friends if they are not at the same lunchtime. After months of not seeing friends, you are now required to not talk to them while eating without a mask. “I think the restrictions are good at keeping people away from each other while most vulnerable. ¬†Since the first day of school, the teachers have become less and less lenient at lunch, patrolling around watching the students.

The seats in the class are required to be spaced out, but with large classes and small rooms it is hard to make the desks more than 5 feet apart, most classrooms have seating arrangements similar to how they would have been regardless of covid. The halls are also crowded, funneling students into choke points where they are forced to be within inches of other students. ¬†” The time I feel I am most likely to get the virus is when we are changing classes Most students feel that the other restrictions are negated by the close contact in the hallways. One way to fix this might be to have longer class changes so there are fewer people in the halls at once.