Huge Turnout for First Student Section


The student section is always biggest at the first home game!

Malaya Lowery and Jade Abernathy

Last Friday night on August 27th, 2021 the varsity football team faced Chapel Hill, and even though it was an unfortunate outcome they left their hearts out on the field and played hard. The Orange High Panthers ended the game with a loss of 27-21. Like any game, there were setbacks with injuries, fumbles, and other things, but the Orange High Panthers never gave up. They played fair and kept up with their leadership until the final buzzer went off. 

The varsity football team has always had an endless amount of support in most games especially from their student section. Last Friday was the first varsity home football game in 2 years where Orange High got to have an actual student section, so people were extra hyped. Our student section really encouraged our players to put in their all. Many of the students left with their voices strained and they were all sweaty from the jumping and cheering. 

Each home varsity football game the students participate in themes that range from a Hawaiian theme all the way to a whiteout. These themes give the students a way to interact with the football teams and represent their panther pride. The Orange student section demonstrates the student’s panther pride because the students at Orange are all diverse and different and each game is a chance for all of our students to come together and agree on the same thing. 

The student section can be the most obnoxious and wildest thing for a visiting team because of how crazy, wild, and loud the home team can get. Orange High School’s student section is responsible for chants and letting the football team know that they are rooting for them.

Junior, Lauren Hoesli is really impressed with the school spirit that occurs in the student section. “I really like seeing all the people that I haven’t seen in a while but I also love how most kids go all out with the themes and school spirit. A word to describe the student section would be jovial because it is such a big crowd with people who go all out to show school spirit and the crowd is always chanting trying to support the team. I really like all of the themes that the student section does, but my favorite would probably have to be frat night.”-Lauren Hoesli (11th)

Junior, Isabel Jones attended the Friday night game as well. “The best thing about the student section is it gives you a chance to talk to people you don’t have classes with and may not normally get to talk to. Not to mention it’s just pretty hype, like everybody cheers and everything. One word to describe it would be enthusiastic. I like jersey night and frat night.”

Senior, Courtney Dodson also attended the Friday night game. “The best thing about the student section is how the students are supporting the team. I would say WOW to describe it. My favorite theme is USA night.” 

So what was the point of this article? Well,  by reading this article you will know what some of the thrills of the student section are like, it’s a time where you get to stand as a school united while having fun. The adrenaline is always pumping and leaving you on the edge of your seat. Things like the student section are what make your high school experience great. Sometimes people don’t even go for the football game, some go for just the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. If you want a taste of what this is like there is a varsity football game home next Friday on September 10th!