Entire County Collapses

Internet Outage Wreaks Havoc


This is what many students saw when they opened their laptops Monday morning

Lucas Young, Staff Writer

Many students & staff remain confused about the complete and sudden internet outage on Monday, even though the situation has since been resolved. The lack of internet access on Monday prevented many students from accessing their primarily online lessons, the situation was described as “frustrating” by Principal Johnson, who also stated that it “slowed down work” for the entire day.

The issue started early that morning, in the middle of the advisory period, and the internet continued to be absent throughout the course of the day. The lack of an internet connection affected the entire county, not just the school, and it made things much harder throughout.

Most work assigned by teachers takes place online. Quizzes, tests, and everyday assignments as well as homework all require the internet to complete. Without an internet connection, next to no work could get done on Monday. The students “weren’t able to do virtual stuff” said Teagan, a Junior who also mentioned that they were able to pull through and get some work done. Various classes had to postpone or cancel plans meant to happen on Monday.

Since the internet outage was short notice, teachers had a troubled time coming up with replacement work, though some were still able to teach their classes. For instance, Mr.Xavier had already planned to read a book with his students and had physical copies of an assignment on hand, but did note that had the internet outage been extended over several days, he “would not have been as prepared” The lack of internet also meant no attendance could be recorded beyond the advisory attendance, which not all students are present for, even if they show up for other classes.

The effects of this outage were apparent all throughout the school. Media Specialist Ms. Carroll recalled that the “library software was down”, the software required the internet, and thus no students were able to check out or check in their books.

Some viewed it as a somewhat eye-opening experience, with Vice Principal Medlin saying it “made us realize how much we depend on the internet”, also noting that, thanks to the teachers and staff at the school, they still managed to have a productive school day. The internet issue wasn’t yet resolved by the end of the school day, but thankfully by Tuesday the problem was eradicated, and most plans for Monday were moved forward.