Is Tennis Underrated?


Finley White (Grade 10) current #1 Tennis player at OHS.

Brianna Stepp and Erinn Sollars

Tennis was invented in France in the 11th century.  The word Tennis comes from the French word “Tenez” which means “Here it comes!” Tennis was originally played with a wooden ball and thrown around with people’s bare hands. The game was called “Handball “or “Jeu de Paume” meaning “Game of the Palm” in French.  It was played on a grass court by Victorian ladies and gentlemen. In the 16th century rackets were invented and Tennis balls were made with leather and sawdust to add extra bounce, and so was the new scoring 15,30,40,game! At the end of the 19th century clay, and hardwood flooring’s.

When it comes to Tennis a lot of people think it’s really simple, but in reality it’s a pretty challenging sport. Tennis usually gets overlooked as a sport, because it doesn’t seem like a rough or intimidating sport to play, but most people don’t realize that it actually is. Tennis is a mental sport. You have on and off days.You also have to worry about the weather condition and the environment you are in. Tennis is also a one on one or two on two sport. It can get really personal fast.

 We asked non-Tennis players their opinion on Tennis. This is what they had to say about it.  So we asked the question, “Do you think tennis is a difficult sport to play and why?” One person said, “Yes, I think it’s a hard sport, because it requires a lot of precise timing, good hand eye coordination, high levels of athleticism, and it is also a psychologically demanding sport requiring persistence and mental fortitude.” Another person thought tennis was not a difficult sport. They said “No, I played tennis before and I didn’t seem to have trouble with it.” Someone else said “Yes, because you have to run around a lot and you have to have a lot of stamina.” Lastly, someone  thought that Tennis was a difficult sport. They said “ Yes, it takes a lot of skill to play tennis. I played tennis before and I had trouble trying to get it over the net. It was not an easy thing to play.” 

We asked the #1 ranked OHS Tennis player Finley White if she thought tennis was an underrated sport. She said “Yeah, Tennis is underrated, because it’s always hot on the courts, it’s a super mental sport, and you have on and off days frequently.” Tennis is a difficult game to play. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy it because it can have down days. But why should Tennis be considered a popular sport? Jinkie Andrews #3 ranked OHS Tennis player said “I think Tennis should be considered a popular sport because it is a game that is known by everyone. Even people who have never picked up a Tennis racket in their lives could see one and point out exactly what it is. Tennis is also a very impressive game because it depends on yourself,not a team. Tennis players such as Serena Williams,Naomi Osaka,Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadalare all household names.” Tennis is overlooked because it doesn’t seem like a competitive or intimidating sport, but people don’t realize that it is and it is a great sport to play.