Student Athletes Under Stress


Erinn Sollars (Grade 10) on the left, Brayden Benfield (Grade 9) on top right, Bree Harris (Grade 10) on bottom right

Mia Leathers, Staff-Writer

School has started back, which means sports have too! For some students, managing school, practice, and other extracurricular activities can be overwhelming. It’s helpful to find healthy ways to control stress. Going to school during a pandemic has also taken a toll on some student’s mental health. Sophomore cheerleader, Bree Harris was asked: Has the stress of the pandemic made it harder to manage sports and school?
“Yes, being online during school makes it harder to ask teachers questions. Managing it all is very stressful”
For some, the pandemic hasn’t had an effect on them. Sophomore tennis player, Erinn Sollars said “It feels the same as if Covid-19 never happened.”
Student-athletes need to have good time management. It helps reduce long-term stress by giving you some sort of direction when you are overwhelmed with work to do. Time management is a great way of increasing productivity and putting you on the right path of what you need to get done. Strategies that will help are keeping a to-do list, prioritize your schoolwork, and try to reduce distractions.
Finding ways to control your stress can be really helpful to your body and your mind. Some ways to reduce stress are taking mental and physical breaks, exercising, eating well, talking about your problems (With a therapist or a trusted adult), and overall just slowing down and taking a step back from what is stressing you out. “I manage stress by taking little snack breaks or taking deep breaths in between getting assignments done. Staying focused is the main key to getting things done but when you are overworked, it is good to take time to yourself instead of building up the stress, making it worse later on.” Said Bree Harris.
Asking for advice on how to handle stress from your counselors, teachers, or fellow student-athletes can be extremely helpful. Some advice from Freshman football player, Brayden Benfield- “Just try your best to get your work done when it’s assigned to you in class. This has helped me prevent my work from piling up on me.”
Bree Harris said- ” My advice for student-athletes is to know that when you do sports, it’s a sacrifice to time. Getting better at time management is the key to finding time in the day to get everything done”