AP Testing


Ashari Lyons, Staff Writer

AP classes have been feared by many people for as long as they’ve been around. AP classes stand for Advanced Placement and were created by the college board which offers students courses that are the equivalent of undergrad college classes. Our school, Orange High, has many AP classes to choose from like AP English, AP European History, AP psychology, and more from other core classes.

Ap classes vary from yearlong classes to semester-long classes and are usually offered to high school juniors and seniors but some sophomore students decided to take these classes in hopes of boosting their GPAs, preparing for college courses and many other reasons. Exam time comes around every May for the yearlong and second semester AP students, they start spending nights that they might have hung out with friends, studying in order to prepare for the exam.

Testing for advanced classes are different than state exams and are very serious in how each student fills out their forms. There are at least thirty minutes spent before the exam begins where students are told to place their pens to the side and only write with pencils, which is very important to the scoring of exams for these students. The test is either in the morning or afternoon and depending on how late or early they start the exam, is what time the exam will end.

First-time tester, sophomore,  Rachel Lowell, says: “It was harder than I expected because I was expecting the multiple choice section to be similar to other final state exams for state classes. I studied the textbook and resources that were given to me by my teacher. I would take another AP class because I know that I will have benefited from taking this class.

Although many students are very nervous for their AP exams, once the exams are over, the teachers and students feel a very heavy weight lifted off of their shoulders, now that they can feel less stressed about cramming information for the exam.

A junior, Magda Sanchez Franco, says: “I am very nervous for my English Exam next week. I’m only this nervous because it is a big difference in the style and grading of this test compared to regular classes.” Many juniors are taking AP exams for the first time this year and in the next year, they will choose if they are sending their scores to colleges for more credit.

Many students are scared out of taking AP classes because of the common description of how hard the classes are, but the students who do manage to stick with the class and pass the exams, get the chance to use the credit towards their college years with the classes they chose to take in high school.