What are the Trends?

Fashion trends are a thing in nature that changes constantly and some come back from an old decade.

Fashion trends are a thing in nature that changes constantly and some come back from an old decade.

Ashliegh Hayes-Austin, Staff Writer

During our high school years there becomes a question that a lot of people start to ask, what is trendy this year?

Here at OHS, we have some items that could be categorized as trendy or a fashion trend. A few that I came up with are North Face book bags, Patagonia clothing, duck boots, and there are also a few more I will mention later in this article.

First, North Face book bags are common throughout OHS. Some reasons these book bags are popular are that they are very durable. North Face book bags are made to be comfortable, they have a lot of pockets and places for organization, and lastly, they have a lifetime warranty.

Hayli Ira says, “ I have had a North Face book bag before this year. I like the design and durability. I would recommend them. One thing that could be changed is something to help them sit straight up. Even though I think they are very trendy.”

Another fashion trend in high schools is duck boots and crocs. Duck boots are usually worn in the winter and crocs are usually worn with socks in the summer.

Duck boots are trendy and useful. They are useful because they are waterproof, so they are good for any type of weather. They look rustic, and like the North Face book bag have a lifetime warranty. Crocs are trendy because they are comfortable, come in many styles and colors, they can be worn in water, and also could be worn all year round.

Haley Durham agreed by saying, “Crocs are definitely more trendy now than they have ever been, and duck boots are more popular during the winter. I believe that crocs are more trendy because they are quick and easy to put on and wear, they come in different colors and are very customizable. I love both because they go with almost everything, are affordable and last. I would definitely recommend both to anyone!”

These are just some of the trends that are at OHS. There are a lot more, like what lunch bag people have, the clothes they wear, and even more. So what are the trends at OHS? They are changing all the time.