The Student Life Of Dulce Gonzalez


OHS Sophomore, Dulce Gonzalez gives advice and tells of her life as an OHS student.

Alonzae Bostic, Staff Writer

Dulce Gonzalez is a sophomore at Orange. Gonzalez elaborated with me on everything going on in her life in and out of school. 

Gonzalez said,“Currently i’m struggling in two classes one of them being honors and the other being an elective. One of the classes i’m not doing good in is biology that is mostly due to me not being able to comprehend science very well. I think I struggle because I don’t understand some of the material that is being taught. After all of that, I don’t give up, I go in for lunch to get work done and try to understand what my teacher is teaching, and sometimes I stay after school to finish my work.”

Gonzalez continued in saying, “After school I don’t participate in any out of school activities because I believe that playing sports adds even more stress on me with the amount of work I am being given right now. The amount of work we get makes us stress, and we as students need to be organized and keep up with the amount of assignments we are given, but at the same time it’s hard when you have other activities going on outside of school. Sometimes I do work with my mom during the weekends. She works at a chicken farm. When the chickens lay the eggs they are then put in a machine in which my mom removes them to put them in a cart for a trailer to come and pick them up at the end of the month.”

Gonzalez stated, “Nothing ever gets easy that’s why I continue staying to push myself and keep trying to stay on top of all my assignments and understand the different material my teacher is teaching because I don’t wanna be confused and not know what i’m doing. All that matters to me is being able to understand/comprehend new materials covered in a class and to get good grades. In my eyes those are my goals for the next 3 months. It’s not always gonna be easy and that should give anyone the courage to keep pushing to work hard especially if their goals are to be successful in the future.”