Do AP Classes Help Or Stress You Out?

Is taking AP classes a good idea or will it just lead to too much stress?

Is taking AP classes a good idea or will it just lead to too much stress?

Magda Sanchez, Staff Writer

AP classes can help you in many ways. It increases your GPA, help you out with college in the future, and improves your knowledge in that certain subject. AP classes give you a better knowledge in many aspects and it challenges you to do your best. If you have multiple interests, AP credits can make it more feasible to add a minor or even a second major to your undergraduate academic plan. Part of the fun of college is exploring classes outside of your requirements. AP credits will also free you to take more elective courses, which can also help you zero in on a major sooner.

There is some struggles about AP classes. For example, they can take time away from your free time outside of school and they can stress you out by the loads of work you are given in them. It is important that if you want to take a AP class you are dedicated and focused on the class. Some colleges don’t accept AP credits so therefore you need to determine whether AP classes align with your application plans.

In my opinion, I believe if you think you are capable of taking AP classes then you should go for it! Though, if you have other extracurriculars like sports, and/or extra academics then you should not take any AP courses. You can always just take honor classes which also benefits you and gives you points (even though it is not the same points as an AP class), and taking those will still get you into a college somewhere.