Valentine’s Day brings smiles and frowns this year.


Valentines day is not always a special holiday to everyone.

Alonzae Bostic, Staff

February 14th is coming up the holiday of love. Hearts, chocolate, gifts, and so much more are going to be everywhere around school and outside of school. Students tell me their plans and what this holiday means to them.

Destany Narold said, ”I’m so ready for Valentines Day. My boyfriend and I are going on a triple date with his friends and their girlfriends and we’re also going to go to the mall and out to see a movie. I’m excited because this is going to be our second Valentine’s day holiday spent together.”

Narold continued saying, “I would most definitely say that Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday because it’s the holiday of love and being with the person you love the most and just cherishing everything on this day, but I’m not gonna act like it doesn’t have its downsides for some people.”

Chandler Thompson said, “Valentine’s Day can have its downsides but I think it’s better to focus on more important things than not having someone. Valentine’s day is a sweet day to be spent with someone but also it is just another holiday. I’m not doing anything for Valentines Day, I like this holiday but like I said it’s just another day for me.”

Sophomore Lydia Runyambo said, “I think that Valentine’s day is a day for love and a day to be cherished with your spouse or significant other. I don’t like this holiday but I like how people express their love with one another by giving gifts.”

Runyambo continued in saying, “I think this holiday can be very special in every way for some people but it can also be a pain for people who live the single life (not for all singles just some single people). I enjoy the sight of this holiday, but I’ll probably be in the house studying this year cause it’s nothing special to me.¨