Street Safe


People need to start being more safe on the roads and learn the dangers of driving.

Madi Bartlett, Staff writer

Individuals 15 to 20 years old make up 6.7 percent of the total driving population, but are involved in 20 percent of all crashes and 14 percent of motor vehicle deaths. Street Safe was designed and developed to change the driving behaviors that cause moving violations, crashes, DWI’s, injuries, and death. Street Safe focuses on speeding, distractions (especially texting and driving),  following too closely, seat belt use, and drinking and driving.

Street Safe comes to Orange High school to teach students and locals who have signed up for the course and who have received some sort of ticket from a officer. Destiny Sanford, a senior at Orange, recently attended street safe for receiving a speeding ticket. “I was pulled over for going 63 in a 45.” She explained to me what you had to do in street safe. “We started off inside watching a bunch of sad videos about how we could prevent car crashes. It was pretty boring until we went outside.”

In this course students will learn how to drive in a controlled environment, students will experience losing control of a car at 25 mph on wet pavement, how to determine a realistic stopping distance, the dangers of distracted driving, recognizing the hazards of driving near a tractor trailer and realizing the importance of seat belt use.