What is the Twilight Zone doing at OHS?


Ashliegh Hayes-Austin, Staff Writer

Did you know there is a showcase or play that is also called the Twilight Zone?

The showcase called The Twilight Zone is written by Rod Sterling, which was written and performed  in 1959. This showcase was inspired by three different series, which were called “Nothing in the Dark”, “Nick of Time”, and lastly “Eye of the beholder”.

This winter OHS showcased this play. It was directed by two of our own students, who were Alyssa Braddy and Namir Davis Ellison. There were also a lot of other students from the drama club that helped create the wonderful performance that was shown last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This show was collecting money for a charity called the Farmer’s Food Share.

The Farmer’s Food Share is a charity where every Saturday at the Eno Farmer’s Market there is a station for people who buy goods like food and homemade products. They also go to farms and collect produce, meats, eggs, and breads. There are also many other ways that students and others can help or donate to Farmers Food Share.

These goods go to people in the school system that are less fortunate. There are actually some students that help out with the Farmers Food Share from OHS. One of them is Callie Williamson who was also the stage director for the showcase and has worked with the Farmers Food Share for seven years so far.

Callie said “The Farmer Food share is a hunger-fighting organization based in Durham but active all across the state. We work to feed children so they can focus on school and give them the best chance to succeed. Donations are one easy way to help the organization, either directly to the central office or to a donation station at a local farmer’s market. I began volunteering when I was nine. I have been there almost every Saturday, collecting donations and purchasing food for people in need. People can help out at any time! They can contact the organization for volunteer opportunities or donate what they can.”

Going back to the play, which was a very good performance by everyone who participated in the show. Some people said they thought it was one of the best showcases they have seen from OHS drama club.

A lot of the cast members have seen the show before they actually performed the showcase. Kayla Ekstorm said “I just love the show, so naturally the idea of doing a play version was really cool. ” 

She also mentioned that she loved every part of the show.  She said, “It’s easy when you’ve got such great people to work with! I learned a lot about acting and myself actually. This was my first time performing on stage and it helped me to learn to face my fears. It sounds cliche but you really can do anything if you believe in yourself and have others believe in you. Lastly, I would leave the play just the way it is because our whole cast did a fantastic job and everyone truly fit their roles and I would never take that from them.”

One of the directors were Namir Davis- Ellison, this was the one of the first play he has helped direct. He said that he liked this play was because it was creepy, interesting, thought-provoking.

Namir said, ” The actors pulled it off really well! There were some challenges, but it’s all a learning process and it was a lot of fun and we helped a lot of people! I learned that communication is so, so important for directing and integral for making anything turn out the way you want it to because you have to be able to talk to your actors in ways that both them and you can understand. I would leave it alone because the way it turned out was amazing and I want it to stay as real of a performance from the actors as possible so changing it wouldn’t make it as honest.”

The Twilight Zone had three different stories that had three different meanings but both go back into The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone had three different stories that had three different meanings but both go back into The Twilight Zone. In the first story which was called “ Nothing in the dark” which was about a young couple that walks into a diner and then into the Twilight zone. The next one “Nick of Time”  which is about a paranoid person who avoids others that are trying to escape a stalker. The last story is called “Eye of the beholder” where someone sees a de-figured woman who seeks true beauty in a corrupt society.

So what is the Twilight Zone? It is the dimension of Imagination.