Racism All Around Us

Ashari Lyons, Staff Writer

As a young black woman in America in the year 2019, I can’t help but notice how racism is still very apparent in the world today. Many people my age, would argue that racism isn’t as bad and is nearly gone in certain places, but racism will never truly be resolved.

The first example of racism still going on in 2019, would be starting with the president of this country and his slogan: “Make America Great Again.” This term, in my opinion, is one of the most racist things being said in our country. Donald Trump has talked about every race (except white people) as if we are aliens in a world where white people are superior. He calls illegal immigrants “Aliens”, implying that they aren’t intelligent, or don’t deserve to be in this country like everyone else.

Many incidents have happened in the past few years where black people have been specifically targeted and killed like the waffle house shooting on April 22, 2018. There were 4 victims killed in total and all were people of color. Of course, the first thing that the police blamed this incident on, was the shooter being mentally unstable; which is no excuse for killing four people, some of which were college students. This terrible situation did not only affect the people in that waffle house, but it also made many people of color nervous to even go out to eat at certain places.

Other examples of racism in America aren’t deadly, but they still affect the way people of color have to live their lives. In this world, the same opportunities that white people have, most likely be open to us, so we have to work twice as hard as an average white person to get to the same status.

My great aunt, Fayona Wilson, struggled to get the job she wanted because she was black in the 1960s. She wanted to work at Western Electric in Burlington, North Carolina, so she went to the company, dressed to impress, and was turned away because they “weren’t hiring”. She knew this was a lie because they hired a white person as she requested to have an interview. The white man who was the manager turned her away, but she kept coming back every Monday and was turned away until he finally gave her a chance. She was the first black person that Western Electric has hired in over 30 years.

Racism isn’t just something to brush off the shoulder, its here in schools, work, or simple things like walking down the street. When people chant “MAGA”, its a huge form of racism being used against the people that trump aims it at. When Muslims are shamed and are labeled “terrorist” because they wear hijabs. Racism, in my opinion, will never go away, but the way people think has got to change.