The Rivals Game


Senior, Eryk Mercado, watches as the Orange basketball team takes on Cedar Ridge.

Magda Sanchez, Staff Writer

The OHS game vs Cedar Ridge was very good. Orange won by many points for JV boys, Varsity girls, and boys.  The game was very intense and Cedar Ride was also getting very heated up because they lost badly.

Eryk Mercado who is in the picture  said to me, “The game was good and the good play by the boys and girls. My favorite game was the Varsity Boys because they were really showed how much they have been practicing and gave it all they could in the game,” Mercado replied.

Winning this game means a lot to the Basketball players just like for this school. Cedar Ridge is our rival and most people think that Cedar Ridge is the best at everything this goes for sports, classes, and people. This game proved that Orange is really better than Cedar Ridge at Basketball.