Latin dance club members part way with their seniors.

Magda Sanchez, Staff Writer

Latin Dance Club is a club at Orange High School it’s a club where they perform dances and help out in the community. They had a performance in the small gym, and they danced a remix of the Top 10 hits in the 2018 year. There were 5 dancers named Vivian Martinez, Michela Acosta, Destiny Davis, Katie Lopez, and the club leader who is also a dancer and her name is Aura Flores.

I got a chance to interview Aura Flores about how she feels about it being her last year as a senior and her last year in the club. “My main purpose for having this performance during lunch was so students from different grade levels could come together. Building this club was not easy. My junior year was a struggle because I was very lenient with people in the group and was always concerned about how others felt. This year my attitude changed completely. This year we were always about commitment. The dance members were a huge blessing because Destiny, Vivian, Katie, and Michela are creative and always have new ideas and they understand what it means to be committed to something. Knowing this is my senior year, I want to make it really memorable because it made me proud for all I have achieved so far.”

When the club member finished performing they had an after party and they invited everyone to dance and they played many Spanish songs to keep up with the theme of Latin Dance Club. I interviewed Destiny Watson who is also a Senior this year and had lots of fun dancing with her friends and Aura Flores. “I thought it was creative to bring people from the sidelines to get them involved and I enjoyed myself and it made me happy and it was a distraction from school,” she added.

Latin Dance Club is a good club to get active in and let people from around the world join dancing and singing to have fun together like a family.