Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Ashari Lyons, staff writer

With the holiday season beginning, Thanksgiving is known to be the day that families come together and give thanks, but every family has their own traditions and mixes their cultures into the celebrations; whether that be by different recipes, or what time they begin to eat.

Orange high school is diverse enough for different cultures to share how their Thanksgivings are different than others. Thanksgiving values have changed for some people over the years, meaning different things to different people. The first Thanksgiving was known to be all about thanking the natives that helped the pilgrims start a life in a new place.

My values of thanksgiving have definitely changed over the years. When I was younger, Thanksgiving was just another day with great food. I was always excited to eat turkey, mac and cheese, and rolls. But, as I grew up, Thanksgiving became more than just good food; it’s now about spending time with my family and coming together with people I don’t see often.

Sophomore, Callie White, said, “Over the years, I have come to realize that Thanksgiving is more than just eating good food with my family. Thanksgiving is about appreciating everything that I have and cherishing my time with the people I value. This Thanksgiving was different for me because I am now gluten-free. It was a difficult transition, but I still enjoyed time with my family.”

Sophomore, Jala Rainey said, “On Thanksgiving, I go to both sides of my parent’s families. When I was little, Thanksgiving was about turkey, but now Thanksgiving is about coming together and being with family. Since I am bi-racial, the white side of my family celebrates differently, than my black side. Both sides have different menus and we eat at different times for both sides.

Daniel Martinez said, “On Thanksgiving, we don’t celebrate very differently from other families, we do, wrap our turkey in bacon, though. After we eat, we sit around and talk for a while, trying to catch up.”

Thanksgiving is celebrated the same within most cultures and families, and most of the values are the same. Most people eat different meals, but Thanksgiving has the same meaning for many.