Panther’s part ways for Senior Night


Here are the Seniors of the Orange Varsity Soccer team.

Miranda Russ, staff writer

Last Tuesday night was the time of parting ways for the Senior Varsity soccer players as the last game of the season came to an end. As I was looking at the seniors walk out with their parents, I noticed a couple players tearing up. Many of the players can say that they have shared both bad and good memories of their season this year.

Isaiah Locklear stated, “My best memory was beating Chapel Hill last year. At the time last year, no one could beat them in our conference. The rivalry between us was so big because we were battling for playoff contention and conference placing, which is why it was a big accomplishment to defeat them. Honestly I’m sad that this was my last year playing soccer at Orange High, but I’m happy to move forward and pass the torch to my younger teammates. “

I also asked Locklear what his future plans are after high school and he stated, “After high school, I will be enlisting in the US Army under infantry contract to become a US Army Airborne Ranger.”

I asked the senior captain of the team what he was going to miss the most after his last season playing soccer for Orange, and he said, “I’m really going to miss the brotherly bond my team shared with me. Being captain has been an exciting and also humbling experience for the past year. It has taught me how to stay positive no matter the circumstances of any situation. It has also taught me what a leader feels like, and for that I am grateful.”

Your mighty panthers fell by one point to Northwood for their last game of the season. The final score came out to be 5-4. Although the varsity panthers lost their last game, they still continued to fight hard until the end. As the night went on, players gathered to say goodbye to the parting seniors after the game. I heard the coaches discussing to the players about how proud they were of them this season. Many of the players were reminiscing to each other about all the experiences they have shared together this season.

Join your mighty panthers next year to a redemption season!