Age Dating Gap


Pictured is a couple with an age gap.

Alonzae Bostic, Staff Writer

Recently, students gave their opinions about high school age dating gaps. Some had very personal opinions about what age they would date and the age they would stop at.

Ninth grader, Makayla Albright said, “I personally think that the age gap can be awkward because I know some ninth graders who are dating seniors and my first thought is, oh they’re cute but reality kicks in and I think those in a relationship should think about what could possibly happen because one is older and the other is is still young.”

When someone that is a sophomore or a ninth grader, who dates a senior, is setting themselves up for hurt because they’ll be off doing bigger and better things and trying to be focused on life and the thought of trying to keep a relationship going probably won’t cross their mind.

Sophomore, Tylichia Moore said, “It’s not weird because it’s only 4 years of an age gap. I honestly just think that it’s a choice on whether who you wanna date. You should know what a (senior or a junior) is getting into when they date an underclassmen.

The highest of an age gap i would date would be 2 years, because that’s just a personal opinion to be honest,but i wouldn’t even think about dating anyone lower than me, that’s where I think it’ll get weird for me.

Junior, Layla Monteith said,”I say that’s a No-go because I personally wouldn’t date anyone younger than me because I have a brother that’s two years younger than me and imagining me dating someone his age is a little weird.”

My first thought when I see a senior guy and a girl freshmen i’m thinking they’re cute, but the seniors are about to leave and start their own life I don’t see the point for a relationship there.

Senior, Trinity Buck said, “I think it could possibly be weird for High Schoolers because if you think about it, a 18 year old dating someone 3 or 4 years apart is illegal and that’s serious for me.”

When you’re older it doesn’t matter because it’s not as weird because your both old enough. I wouldn’t date anyone who is 3 years apart from me. My max would be 2 years of an age gap.

Students overall say it’s weird for high school Seniors to date anyone in a range of 3 or 4 years of an gap.