Senior On The Go!


Pictured here above is the Senior Class for the 2018-2019 Varisity Football Team.

Magda Sanchez, Staff Writer

The 2018-2019 Seniors just had their last Football game on October 25, 2018. Being a senior means they are ready to go and live more memories in college. Football is a popular sport that many boys like to play in, if you like to compete and like to be aggressive then this sport is for you.

Orange played against Southern Guilford high school and lost. They played really well, they maintained a good strong hold in the beginning of the game. The star players and the seniors began to get tired which then gave the other team an advantage over Orange.

Many Seniors do not plan on playing football in college. A Senior who plays football on Varisty, Jacoby Satterfield, said, “I’ve played football 1 year my senior year, my favorite memory is when I made made my first touch down, and I do not plan on playing football at least not for my freshman year I want to focus on my self and what I want for the future”, Satterfield explained.

Seniors are always there to remind us that we are able to win games while still handling school work, college applications, and working. I am happy I was there to see the power they take on in the games and realize that they have a lot of control and love for what they do even if they do not want to continue to do it. Good luck to the seniors and hope they do well in the future.