What are we doing at the State Fair?

Orange High Schools FFA Chapter showing goats and pigs at the State Fair.


Students brushing and getting the goats ready to show

Ashliegh Hayes-Austin, Staff Writer

Every year people in North Carolina go to something called the state fair. If you are wondering what the State Fair is, it is a big carnival type week where there are games, rides, food, and shows. Also at the state fair, there might be concerts some years.

Some of our school’s FFA students go to the state fair to show the animals they have helped raise from the beginning of the school year until the week of the show. The shows are usually on the first weekend of the state fair.

The first people that show are the goats, which show on Thursday night. The goats show on two different days. Thursday the person is getting judged on how well they show and perform while showing. On Friday morning the goats are getting judged for market. Market means that they are getting judged on how much muscle they have, if they have a gene the judge likes, or if their body structure is built very well.

We had a lot of people show goats this year for OHS, who all did very well. Even though we only had one show because of hurricane Michael coming through NC. We had a market class with showmanship incorporated.

One student that showed goats this year at the state fair is Milosh McAdoo. He says “I have been showing goats for about a few years now, and definitely will continue to show in the future. My favorite part of showing has honestly got to be walking in the ring knowing that I have improved from the last time. I am a competitive person, but I mostly enjoy having learned something new every time I leave a show. I don’t think I could pick the moments leading up to the show or the show as being better than one another. It is definitely nice to see all my hard work pay off from the months of training beforehand.”

The pigs, however, had a lot of shows, on Friday they show the males which are called barrows and on Saturday they show females which are called gilts. So for pigs, it is basically a whole day event.

Someone who showed a pig was Lillian Carmicheal. She says “I like showing pigs because I love working with livestock. I will definitely continue to show lots of livestock throughout my high school years. My favorite part of showing my pig is probably getting to show off my hard work at the shows. One thing I like is getting my pig prepared and working up to the show because it is less stressful and lots of fun to spend time one on one with your animal.”