College Field Trip


Information about the field trip that took place.

Destiny Sanford, staff writer

When entering high school the last thing you think is going to happen is going on a field trip. Your mighty panthers are taking a few select students on a field trip. In total, 30 students mixed with Juniors and Seniors. The colleges presented to us were Fayetteville State and Campbell University. Many students are not able to travel to colleges far away so given the opportunity we take it.

The trip is from 8am to 6pm. When meeting at 8am breakfast would be provided and snack for the hour and forty minute bus ride. At Campbell there would be an all you can eat buffet in their dining hall. They will provide informational sessions and on-site admissions.

The itinerary for the college trip is from 8am to 10am we are headed to Campbell University. Fifteen minutes after we arrive there will be an admission informational session. After the session we will tour the campus and circle around to having an all you can eat lunch. During that time you can find out if you got accepted if you applied during Free Application Week. Around 1 o’clock we will leave Campbell and head to Fayetteville State. We will arrive at FSU at 2 o’clock. From 2pm to 4pm we will having the admission session and the tour of the campus. At 6 o’clock we will arrive at OHS.

Many students wish they could come, Nameron Chapman is one of them. When asked why she could not attend she said, “I think have a dentist appointment that day which is unfortunate because I would love to travel back to Fayetteville State.”

You also have some sophomores that would like to attend as well, “I really wish I could go on this college trip. I do not think I can go because I am a Sophomore” said Alaysia Sanford. Some students wish to further their knowledge in colleges while at a young age.

There is still time to join. In order to be consider students must have great academic standings.If you would like to join sign up on the google form. It would take one minute. Afterwards you can see Ms. Befort and she would ask you a question or too. Once you get the permission slip make sure to turn it back in immediately so you have a spot. The last day to sign up is October 16th. The trip has no cost. Hope to see you on October 25th.