We are Ag Day!


Students drinking a orange crush soda as fast as they can.

Ashliegh Hayes-Austin, Staff Writer

Over the years OHS has taken one day at the start of the fall semester, around the first week in October to create a day based around agriculture. Since it is based around agriculture we call it Ag day.

This day is a day that the students make up more than the teachers, even though the teachers and parents help out and participate a lot too. If it was not for the students, we would probably not have the chance to have Ag Day.

I say that Ag Day is mostly made up of the students because it started with two students bringing in something. Now every Ag students bring in something from home that represents them or what they do.

During Ag day, the students have a chance to compete in competitions, show off the clubs they participate in, and also spending time with friends looking at things they might have never seen. Some students say that Ag Day is one of the best days of the school year.

Every year Ag Day usually takes place near the Ag barn and building, but because of the construction on the practice football field. We moved Ag Day up to the soccer field, tennis court, and the parking lot in between.

Since Ag Day was moved this year and we also had a few different events this year because of the location. I asked some students what they thought about it the location and also what their favorite part of Ag Day is or was.

Ashley Hogan said “ I liked having Ag Day up at the tennis and soccer fields. My favorite part of Ag Day was the chicken cooking competition because it was fun to participate in.”

Ava New said, “ My favorite part of Ag Day is the animals. I also liked where Ag day was this year because there was way more shade.”

In my opinion, my favorite part of Ag Day is the whole day because you get to walk around and see everything. If I had to choose one thing I think it would be all the projects because I like to see what everyone else has grown up with or have now at their home.

Hali Ira says, “ My favorite part of Ag Day is that all the clubs get to set up fun activities and booths for the rest of the school if they don’t want to participate in the competitions that Ag students participate in. I also don’t like Ag Day up at the soccer field and tennis courts because it is a far walk and a big hassle for clubs to bring all their stuff for their booths up to their and down to the school.”

These are just some of the answers I got when I asked people. Even though I got mixed reviews about the place where we have Ag Day. There will always be pros and cons to anywhere we have it. I think Ag Day will always be made up more by the students than the teachers, and will always be one of the best days of my years at OHS.