Summer Slipping Away


Destiny Sanford, Staff Writer

Students returned back to Orange High School on August 27, 2018. 

Teachers were ready for the school year they had been preparing for all summer. “I was excited for school to start because I needed to get back into a routine, like getting up early and going to bed earlier,” said Coach Condron. “I was getting lazy.”

Some teachers were less welcoming of the new school year, like Ms. Gardner. “I really dreaded the break ending.” Gardner admitted. “I did not get to sleep in because I had to take my husband to work.” 

Students also had mixed feelings about the start of a new school year. Most still wanted to wear their bikinis to the lake, party on Saturdays, and chill on Sundays. When asked what she would miss the most about summer Victoria Pyles, 12th grade, stated, “The most thing I would miss about summer was hanging with my friends at their house. I would also miss spending time at the pool.”

Seniors have a unique view of the new school year. They may be more excited than other students. “Yes! It is my senior year,” said Namron Chapman. “My class load is pretty light this semester. To be honest with you, I’m already ready for the school year to be over with!” 

Students are adjusting to waking up much earlier in the morning. “I use to wake up at 11:00 to go to high school classes,” said Icez Barnett, 12th grader. “It is a real adjustment waking up four hours earlier.” 

Freshman seem to have more to think about this year. Not only are they beginning a new school year, but also they are entering into a whole new environment. Learning where there classrooms are can be a challenge, and deciding where to sit at lunch can be stressful, too. Addie Faucette made the transition successfully. “I was nervous for the classes. After going to them, though, they were easier than I thought.”