What FFA means to the Officers?


FFA officers, having fun before Kick-off Cookout.

Ashliegh Hayes-Austin, Staff Writer

A lot of people that join clubs are often asked what do you want to get out of this club, or why did you what to join this club? I have been asked a lot, what does this club mean to you and why? So I have angled this story toward what the officers of Orange FFA Chapter thinks FFA means to them.

Our school has two different officer teams, a junior and a senior team. Even though we have these two teams we act like we are one big team. I believe most of the officers agree when I say that working together with all eighteen of us is sometimes better than having a smaller officer team.

Going back to the topic of what FFA means to us officers, I am going to start with our Senior President, Hayley Funk. She says that FFA means an opportunity. She says this because she has had a lot of opportunities big and small by being a member of FFA.

She says, “ It has allowed me to grow as a person through the years and to value my personal growth. As well as realize that the skills I have built onto such as public speaking and leadership skills will continue to help me through life. FFA has truly given me focus and a purpose as well as a positive outlook on life as well as the agriculture industry.”

Next person I asked was our Junior reporter, Morgan Ray. She said that the teacher and people involved in FFA  must have seen her as a leader. She says that because of what those people saw in her it showed her that she is making good progress for who she wants to become. Even though she says hose thing she also mentions the sentimental values that FFA gives her.

She says, “I feel blessed to be an officer and I view it as an honor to be one of the faces of the OHS FFA because we are such a large FFA and obviously have connections to the State FFA.

Milosh Mcadoo, who is one of the schools FFA senior vice presidents and the Regional FFA president says that over the years FFA has given him the chance to learn a lot more about the agriculture industry. Milosh states, “ This organization has given me the chance to meet people from all across the country; I now have friends from Hawaii, California, Florida, and so many other states. From serving as the West Central Region President to finding my passion in animal agriculture, I would not trade these experiences in FFA for anything else.”

Above are just a few people from our officer team and what FFA has done for them. FFA has done a lot for everyone around the world, because of it being a international organization. I have learned a lot from it and I can share my experience with anyone who wants to know about it.