What Moves This Summer


Yearbook editor Katie Long relaxes on the OHS campus after a long junior year.

Alisha Pettiford, Staff Writer

Summer is right around the corner, starting after June 5 exams end. So what better way to start the three-month break than to ask – what are some of their plans?

Students have many options on  to do such as hanging out with friends, working, traveling, doing nothing, and the best of them all is watching Netflix. We interviewed 100 students about what they are doing this summer.

24 students voted for hanging out with friends. Junior Adam Moser states that his whole three months of break will be busy, hanging out with his friends everyday. “This is the year I am going to make the best memories with my friends. We are going to get lit everyday and night.”

26 students voted for working this summer. Junior Olivia Ruff said, “I got a job working as a camp counselor for the summer. I will be working with little kids and I will try my hardest to keep them entertained. This is a good job for me because I absolutely love children.”

7 students voted for travelling over the summer. “First, I am going to the beach. Then, I am possibly going to the Bahamas for s few weeks,” senior Allie Tilley explained. “My brother lives in Texas so I am going down there and go skydiving at the end of the summer.”

19 students voted for doing nothing for the summer. Junior Ryan Pherribo says “ When June 6th comes I am going to be doing nothing. I am going to stay at home and catch up on all my sleep that I have missed from this school year. I am not going out, I am not going to hang out I am going to be a homebody.”

34 students voted for watching Netflix all summer. “I need to catch up on all these new shows and movies that are now on Netflix,” junior Victoria Pyles said. “I am going to finish [Netflix’s] 13 Reasons Why, then I am going to start on [CW’s] Riverdale. I might end up binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. I need to start soon because it is 10 seasons.”