Humans of OHS

“My high school experience has changed every year since freshman year. I have faced many challenges throughout my high school year, and accomplishing them has changed me as a student for the better. After graduating, I am looking forward to beginning this new chapter in my life by heading to Liberty University. This will be a huge change for me, but it’s exciting, for the most part! I plan to finish out my last semester of high school strong by attending tutoring during lunch when I am falling behind and getting all my work turned in. I can’t let senioritis take over! My favorite part of high school has been attending all football and basketball games, but especially the playoff games. Getting ready for graduation and thinking back to all four years of high school is definitely bittersweet. I have made so many memories, and leaving them all behind to begin a new chapter in my life is scary but exciting all at the same time!” -Mackenzie Perkins

Ella Satterfield and Ivy Wood