Theatre Department Ends Year with Paganini


The cast of Paganini celebrate another successful performance.

Veronica Rowsey, Staff Writer

The last drama production of the year, Paganini, closed Saturday, May 5, with a hefty crowd.

This creepy, random, hilarious play was directed by senior Sophie Lamay and junior Hannah Walters. Walters says, “Paganini was one of the best plays to work on and to be apart of, even though I was just behind the scenes. The actors and actresses worked very hard on this play and I am very glad we pulled it off.”

Paganini is a play about a young violinist named Nicolo Paganini, played by junior Sam Lock, who sells his soul to the devil in order to play the violin very well. He soon became a very famous and amazing violinist due to the fact that he sold his soul to the devil. Throughout his life, he leaves a trail of seduced women who all wind up being killed by him. The ghosts of those women, enraged fathers, a baby who is thrown at a target, a clockworks girl, a horrifying jack in the box, a trumpet blowing gorilla, a wild bear, a barbershop quartet of murderous singing doctors, dead bird’s, Beethoven’s ghost, and other funny yet crazy and horrifying things are encountered as Paganini moves toward his terrible destination where he gets trapped in a bottle.

Paganini was the last showcase of the year, meaning the seniors’ last performance of high school.