Dancing The Night Away at Junior, Senior Prom 2018!

On Saturday, May 26, Orange High School held the 2018 Junior and Senior Prom at the Hilton in Durham. 


Kintwon Pettiford and Maryland Allen taking a picture before he gets crowned prom king!

Ella Satterfield, Staff Writer

On Saturday, May 26, Orange High School held the 2018 Junior and Senior Prom at the Hilton in Durham. 

The night was eventful for every group of friends or dates, having their own plans before and after the prom. Pictures were taken in cities or at home, friends went out for dinner before hand; but almost everyone prepared themselves with a night of dancing and eating. Each student that went has a different experience at prom, but what was clear was that each student did have a story from that night. 

Sophomore Mason Curtis talked about his experience of that night. “Even though the music was not great, I had a great time.” One thing he enjoyed the most? Dancing. “I had a fun time dancing. I learned that night that that you don’t have to be good at dancing – you just have to dance.”

There were some more downsides besides the music of course, as Mason says. “One thing that I did not like is how people leave so early. To me, it’s kind of weird.”

Kintwon Pettiford was a part of the upperclassman committee that plans the prom every year, and at prom was also crowned King. As he explains it, winning was a highlight of the night, if not a bit surprising. “It was very surprising when they called my name, because I was not expecting it at all.” 

One aspect some found surprising was the amount of underclassmen at the prom. Though it is not exclusively for the upperclassmen, some were possibly concerned with the arrival of a few freshmen and sophomores. However, most of everyone did not mind all of the underclassman being at prom.

I did not mind having all of the underclassmen there. They were all acting mature, and a lot of times, you did not really know who was an underclassmen and who was a upperclassmen,” Kintwon said.

What is so appealing about prom, however? To those like freshman Emma Puckett, it can be about the overall feeling of prom night. “I like being able to get all dressed up with my friends and dancing with them. It was everything that I hoped it would be, but at some parts it was a little boring and really hot.”

Another appealing factor can also be about how much work goes into prom itself. Besides the students celebrating the near-end of a semester, prom can also be considered a feat for the upperclassmen council after months of preparation and planning. “Behind the scenes planning prom was a lot of work, but I think in the long run it was worth all of the time and energy put into planning it.”

Mostly everyone had a great time regardless of how the music was. Most people do not understand the work that goes into prom. “Overall [though], I had a great first prom,” Emma says.