One Last Time for Senior Varsity Baseball Players

On Tuesday, May 1, the Varsity Baseball team held their senior night. The team played Northern Durham Knights and came out with a win of 9-4.


The Varsity Baseball team come together for a team photo.

Rachel Tilley, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 1, the Varsity Baseball team held their senior night. The team played Northern Durham Knights and came out with a win of 9-4.

The Varsity Baseball team celebrated the graduating members of Orange’s Varsity team on Tuesday night for their senior night. These few consisted of players Dalton Brown, Caige Clayton, Kaymin Matkso, Jaydien Poteat, Jason Slaughter, Will White, Brian Werden, and Bret Porterfield. For many of these players, unless they get a home game during Playoffs, it could be possibly be the last time they ever play on the fields of Orange. While some like Jason Slaughter and Caige Clayton will be moving to playing professionally later on, most will be ending their baseball careers completely after this year. Most of the Seniors have played travel ball growing up, middle school ball and rec ball. 

The boys went into the game knowing that they had to leave it all out on the field that night, including pitcher Will White. “On my Senior Night, I was going to keep moving on, while knowing that this could be my last time I get to pitch.”

“Senior night has given me two types of feelings,” says Senior Dalton Brown, “I am excited to be going to college but sad to be leaving Orange High School.” 

“Once I leave Orange for good, I will really miss playing with my teammates. I have grown close with each and everyone of them over the years.”

“I will really miss pitching with our pitching coach, Coach Reynolds,” says Will White. “He has given me tons of opportunities that I am more to thankful for.”

The seniors are more than thankful for the coaches who have let them learn and grow over their years at Orange, saying that whole coaching staff has impacted them in different ways.

Over all of their four years at Orange, they have made many memories that they will share with each other for the rest of their life. All of the seniors this year have been friends on and off the for quite some time now, as Dalton explains. “I have grown close with each and every one of them over the years.” When reflecting back on their time in the team, almost all agreed that their highlight the boys can agree that the highlight was beating Chapel Hill, who is ranked number one in the conference.

“I have to thank all of my coaches coming up to Orange,” says Will White, “and my parents who have supported me through everything I have done.”

“I have to thank the whole coaching staff, my teammates and my family,” says Dalton Brown. “They have all helped to to get to where I am today.”

Varsity Baseball will be playing against Northern tonight at Northern High School, 6:00; come see your players!