Coach Dean Dease Takes 500th Win

On Friday, April 27, Varsity Baseball coach of 31 years, Dean Dease, successfully went for his 500th win of his long coaching career.


Coach Dease achieves his 500th career win

Rachel Tilley, Staff Writer

On April 27, Varsity Baseball coach of 31 years, Dean Dease, successfully gained his 500th win.

This past Friday, Orange High School’s baseball team played the Southern Durham Spartans, earning longtime coach and former teacher Coach Dean Dease his 500th win. Coach Dease is very much respected by former and current players. Coach Dease, his players and the crowd celebrated for him Friday night, while Southern Durham eventually left the field after a hard loss. Players like Jason Slaughter, a three-year starter, enjoy him being head coach and love that they get challenged by him every single day in practice or a game. Sometimes it would be playing a new position or just challenging plays to make.

“Being a senior when Coach Dease achieved his 500th win is a great thing to be apart of,” says Slaughter, adding that the night was “such a huge milestone.”

“I have been coaching at Orange for 34 years in total, 31 years with Varsity,” says head Coach Dease, who retired from teaching last year but still continues to coach.

“All the players have helped me reach this point,” says Coach Dease. “They play and win the games. I have had great assistant coaches over the years including George Braxton, Matt McCay, Richard Reynolds, Chuck Moore and Bobby Miller. Former athletic director Coach Jim King gave me a chance to be head coach when I was 24 years old. He has been a huge influence on my career.”

Over the years, Coach Dease has developed coaching skills that work to success, as seen by Friday’s game. “He is very hard and loud in practice,” says Slaughter, “but calm and controlled in games.”

Each player has formed a personal relationship with Coach Dease that helps the individual players succeed. “Coach Dease has helped me grow as a player and a person,” Slaughter states. “Coach Dease and I are very close, he knows he can tell me anything or be hard on me.”

The relationships formed with his players was mentioned by Coach Dease as well when asked. “I have been fortunate enough to form relationships with coaches all over North Carolina. Some good friends are players from thirty, twenty, or ten years ago. There is a good bond there.”

Congratulations to Coach Dease for reaching such a milestone! See the team coached by Dease play again tonight, April 30, at home against Southern Durham at 5.