Making Up the Work


Sierra Wood explains how she gets caught back up on school work.

Ella Satterfield

Have you ever missed a couple of days of school in a row and thought that you would never get caught back up?

Well, you’re not alone. Sophomore Sierra Wood, who takes three out of four honor classes, states, “The longest I have been out sick would be three days. When I was out it, took me about a week or two to get caught back up with everything.”

Senior Dalton Brown, who takes mostly AP classes, says, “Considering the class and how long I have been out it, either takes me a day or two.”  He also conceded, “I have a non-reporting period, and this is where I get most of my work done. During this time, I also go to my teachers so that they can teach me all of the material that I missed.”

I think that it all depends on the class, whether it’s AP, Honors, or Regular, on how long it takes you to get all of the assignments done. All of the students that I interviewed agreed that the school policy,  which states that you have one day for each day absent to make up missed work, is fair and shouldn’t be changed.

Some students still come to school when they are sick because they are scared of getting too far behind in all of their classes.  

Senior Dylan Borland, who takes all regular classes this semester, says, “I feel like when I am out then I come back to school, all of my teachers help me out and try to teach me everything that I missed.”

Ms. Trinh, a biology and chemistry teacher, says, “For me it depends on how complicated the day was. If there was a lab, I will walk them through it quite a bit more since labs are not that self explanatory. Otherwise, I wait for students to come to me about what they are missing. Ultimately, I think that it is up to the student to make up all of their missing work.”  

Freshman Alexis Hobgood, who takes all honor classes, shares Ms. Trinh’s outlook on make up work. “I feel like it is mostly our responsibility. (Teachers) expect us to look online at canvas or google classroom for our assignments.”

I think that it all depends on the person and how advanced their classes are. Someone taking all AP classes might have a harder time catching up than someone who takes honors or regular classes. It’s definitely possible to make up work in one day. I was absent yesterday and wrote this article today!