Agriculture Students Visit Livestock Show


Kinley Haze washes the pigs one last time before they get sold.

Ella Satterfield, Staff Writer

On April 18 and 19, some of the OHS ag students went to show their livestock at the Central Piedmont Livestock Show, hoping to win awards for their year-long work.

At the beginning of the school students buy either a pig, a goat, or a steer for $250. If a student sell the animal for more than $275, he/she gets to keep the extra profit.

For the livestock competition, the judges look for muscle tone, scratches, and a good walking gate for the pigs. For the steers, they look for if a filled out frame, and a potential for the best meat.

“The animal that I bought was a pig,” explains Victoria Nordan. “I work with it every week, at least two days after school and sometimes on the weekend. This is my first time showing an animal at the livestock show so I’m super nervous.”

“This year, I showed two steers,” says Will Crabtree. “I have been showing animals since I was seven because my family raises the animals I show, so I wasn’t nervous at all.

Nordan assessed the day as positive overall. “I think that this year has been very successful. The pig knows her name and can walk very well, but sometimes she can be really stubborn. It was a  successful showing because my pig placed third in her class. I hope I can get second or first next year.”

“This year I got Reserve Champion in market and Reserve Champion in showmanship,” says Crabtree. ”My favorite thing about showing animals would probably be the relationship you get with the animals. My plan for next year would be to just try to do better, and I was thinking about getting some steers from out west so they will be bigger.”

Overall the Livestock Show went well for Orange County. The school placed in the top three. Some students even came home with come cash in their pockets.