PTSO Finds Fun Ways of Fundraising


PTSO members discussing grants for new classroom furniture.

Ella Satterfield, Staff Writer

On Monday night, December 3rd, the Parent Teacher Student Organization or PTSO gathered at Orange High School to discuss upcoming events and fundraisers for their fifth meeting of the 2017 – 2018 school year.

The PTSO is a very important organization to have at Orange, as Club President Mr. Lin Kerns explains. “First, there is research that shows family engagement in schools improves student achievement and reduces absenteeism. Second, participation provides parents the confidence in their child’s education by becoming more familiar with the administration and teaching staff of the school.  From a financial perspective, education budgets have been reduced year after year.”  

The PTSO strives to help the entire school community as a whole instead of just focusing on one certain club or group. Without the PTSO we wouldn’t be able to replace or get new things for the school.

Lin Kerns states the major goal for the next few years. “Prior to the beginning of school, the PTSO Executive Members met with Principal Yarbrough and Vice Principal Sauls to focus on important needs here at Orange High.  As a result, agreement was reached that this year our major goal will be to begin funding replacement of antiquated, single student wooden desks with up-to-date table and chair groupings more conducive to today’s classroom learning environment.”

To replace these classroom furniture it is very expensive. Mr.Kerns explains the cost of the furniture.  “The cost of replacement for a classroom of 28 students is estimated to be at the very least $3,500, and we’re looking at around 25 classrooms in need under this multi-year project.”  They are looking into a grant, or grants so they can replace the furniture.

The club, which meets at the beginning of every schooling month, are currently doing a “That’s My Brick”  fundraiser. For this fundraiser they are selling bricks that you can customize and they are placed at the front of the school near the butterfly chair. For a 4”x8” brick it is $50 and for a larger 8”x8” it is $100. “This fundraiser will help to    improve outdoor courtyards, the sidewalk from the student parking, and several of the benches seen around the school.” Mr. Lin Kerns says.

The money that you will spend to get a brick helps a good cause and helps the future generations have a better learning facility. If you want to help support the PTSO and go buy your own personalized brick at their website Nows your chance, don’t miss out.